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4 Tips and Tricks for Shopping Estate Sales

Grasons Co. is the number one rated and referred company for estate sale and liquidation services. Currently located in Huntington Beach, CA, we supply superior services that are unmatched and we prioritize forming relationships with our clients and ensuring they know exactly what the process will look like. We are highly trained and experienced in estate sales and business liquidation, and we want to make sure we uphold our reputation in the industry.

Our team at Grasons Co. cares deeply about every client we work with and we want to ensure we go above and beyond for you. We have more than 30 years of experience and we are confident that your estate sale is well taken care of and successful. A few things we ensure include: we are insured, bonded, and background-checked, we prioritize safety, and so much more. Read below for a few tips and tricks for shopping estate sales. See our upcoming sales today.

Bring Cash/Buy What Interests You

Why is it important to bring cash, you might ask? Cash is a convenient method of payment so that you do not waste your time, or anybody else’s, if you end up needing to make an extra stop at the atm. Additionally, if you do bring cash it is a good idea to carry different bill amounts so that no change needs to be made.
Shopping estate sales can be a fun experience and you should buy what draws you in. However, it is beneficial to understand what qualifies as a good deal or not, and you should always check in with yourself to ensure you make the right purchasing decisions.


More often than not, you might run into a host of an estate sale who is eager to tell you the history or the meaning behind the items they are selling. Although this happens more so in smaller towns, it can happen anywhere! It is to your benefit to always thoughtfully listen to what the host has to say and you might even learn something you have always wanted to. This type of exchange gives you an opportunity to understand the uniqueness of the item you might purchase. It also allows the seller to know their history will be appreciated and honored.

Dress for Success

You never know what you’re going to run into at an estate sale while shopping! What if you are on the hunt for clothing or randomly find a piece you want to try on? You will want to dress to impress for this occasion by wearing clothes that do not hinder your ability to bend or lift. Additionally, if you find something you want to try on it will be convenient for you to have clothing that easily allows for this.


Be Mindful

Estate sales are often emotional given the family has just been through a death in the family. All of the personal belongings shown might have a lot of emotional ties or history to them, and it is important to be kind and respectful as you are looking around. Estate sales are also a great way to meet new people and you should always be mindful of other shoppers around you.



Carson Co. offers prestigious estate sales and business liquidation services. If you are ready to shop estate sales and indulge in vintage shopping, you should always try to bring cash, dress for success, and remain mindful and respectful of the experience as a whole. Shopping estate sales can be an exciting experience if you know how best to prepare and what to expect beforehand. Contact us today to learn more!

Dear Friends,

At Grasons Co, your safety has always been our top priority.  With the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, your health and welfare are of paramount importance to us as you shop any estate sale held by our individually owned and operated locations or utilize the many liquidation services we offer.  Read More

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