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Tips for Downsizing Your Home: Part Two

When you decide to move into a new home, there are many steps you need to take to ensure that the process will be successful and as stress-free as possible. In part one of this multi-part series, we gave you a few tips on what to do when you plan on moving to a smaller home. Today, we will give you a few more tips on how to downsize without having to compromise on space.

If you’re still having issues downsizing your home, call the experts at Grasons! We have the expertise to help you decide what will stay and what will go, and we also offer our guidance for garage sales and estate sales if you decide to sell items you plan to leave behind. If you need someone to help you with anything from downsizing to home staging, call Grasons Co. today!

Continue reading below to read about a few more helpful tips for downsizing your home!

Make A List

In our previous blog, we talked about asking yourself a few questions to decide whether or not you should keep an item. Another good strategy is to make a list of all the items you can’t live without. You might include priceless family heirlooms, a collection of photo albums, or a stuffed animal you’ve had since you were a child. By making a list, you have the ability to check items off as they are packed, ensuring that they have a safe place on the moving truck. This step may also help you find clarity in what items really mean the most and what items you don’t necessarily need.


When you move from a larger space to a smaller space, you run the risk of developing a lot of clutter. Organization is key when it comes to eliminating clutter. Items like old coffee mugs and shoe boxes can find a new purpose in helping you declutter your home. For example, if you plan to throw away an old coffee mug because it’s chipped or cracked, think of how it could be used to organize other items in your home. Could you use it to store pens in your office or makeup brushes in your bathroom? If all of the cords from your devices in the living room are causing clutter, maybe consider using a shoebox or another decorative box to contain all the cords into one small space.

Label Boxes

Organization is also important when it comes time to pack up all of your belongings. As you are packing, label the boxes with the specific room they belong in and what items are contained within the box. Not only does this save you time, but it will also make it easier when you are looking for specific items once you move in.

Hire Professionals

Eliminate the frustration and stress of downsizing your home by hiring the professionals from Grasons Co. We make it easy to move to a house that is better suited to your needs. From staging your old home to helping you downsize, we can help you every step of the way. Contact Grasons today!

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