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If you decide to sell your business for one reason or another, you will need to liquidate your assets so that you can pay your creditors, or best case scenario, put the cash in your pocket. In many cases, company assets usually include office furniture, equipment, tools, and other odds and ends, and at Grasons Co. Estate Sale Services, we can provide you with the assistance you need to liquidate your assets quickly.

When it comes to business liquidation, the experts at Grasons have years of experience working with business owners just like you. We understand that liquidating your business can be an emotional time, especially if you’ve worked hard to try and keep your business afloat. Regardless for your reason for selling, you can count on our team to help you do what’s right for your and your business. Continue reading below to learn more about your options regarding business liquidation, and if you’re interested in hiring our team to help with the process, contact a Grasons franchise near you!

Immediate Buyout

In most scenarios, a business may hold an auction or a sale for any remaining assets available after the business has closed. However, if you owned a smaller business, you want to make a quick exit, or there simply aren’t enough assets to make up a large sale, the best option for you may be to have someone buyout your company. If you choose immediate buyout, you will have two different options. Your first option is to let Grasons purchase the entire contents of your business and any remaining assets — this is the quickest option. The other option is to let Grasons be the liaison and help you find buyers specifically looking to purchase businesses like yours.

Sale of Assets

For larger businesses, a sale of assets may be the best route to take, especially if you’re looking for more money to pay creditors, employees, or any other parties involved in your business. A sale of assets is ideal if you have more time on your hands to arrange the sale, as well as more assets to liquidate. The benefit of selling your assets instead of settling for immediate buyout is that you can often achieve the most value for your assets, especially if you plan on selling to the public.

At Grasons Co. Estate Sale Services, we can help you plan and organize your sale to ensure that you get the most value for your business. Contact the Grasons franchise nearest you to learn more about what we can do to help!

Online Sale of Assets

If a live sale isn’t possible or you would like to appeal to a larger audience, Grasons can help you set up a live sale online. With the live platform, buyers from around the world can login to the site, view the items for sale, ask questions, and purchase the items. Once an item or items have been purchased, Grasons can help the customer schedule a time for pickup, arrange shipping, and communicate in real-time with the customers while the sale is live. The benefit of hosting an online sale is that it allows you to appeal to a larger audience of people who may not be able to see the assets for sale in person, it can help if there are community restrictions in place, and it can also allow you to sell your assets during times where it is restricted to gather in large groups.


Each business owner is unique, and while a sale of assets may work best for one owner, it may not work as well for another. For this reason, Grasons also gives you the option of holding an auction as a way to liquidate your assets. Our team can organize and run an auction either online or in person. Depending on the nature of your assets, you can either choose to have Grasons run the auction, or we can work as a liaison to help you get in touch with an auction professional that is more experienced in business liquidation services. On the day of the auction, our team will do our part to take some of the stress off your plate, from organizing the in-person or online event to managing the sale, shipping, or pickup of each item.

Contact Our Business Liquidation Team

At Grasons Co. Estate Sale Services, we promise to always work with you to determine which course of action is best for you and your company. Each business owner has their own goals in place, whether it be to get the most value for their assets or sell their property as quickly as possible. When you work with our team of professionals, you can guarantee that we will listen to your goals and strategically make a plan to help you reach them. If you have any questions about our business liquidation services or you’re interested in hiring our team, contact the Grasons franchise nearest you.

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