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A Guide to Buying Estate Jewelry

The term estate jewelry means that the pieces were previously owned.  Basically, estate jewelry is a fancy way of saying “pre-owned jewelry”.  With the abundance of estate jewelry we see, we think it’s much more than that.

Estate Vintage Jewelry

Avid collector’s will tell you that the piece must be at least 50 years old to be considered vintage, although most buyers would consider a 20 year old piece of jewelry as vintage.

Unlike vintage, the piece of jewelry must be at least 100 years old to be considered antique, and on many occasions they are defined by the era they came from.  Estate Victorian jewelry, etc…

Jewelry in general is considered a sentimental item, most families will pass on certain jewelry pieces for centuries, but if you’re lucky to find a unique piece, hold onto it and cherish it.  

Often times, the quality of historical antique pieces is much better than the mass produced jewelry pieces today.

Vintage Jewelry Finds

From fine gold and silver jewelry to vintage brooches, and everything in between.  Almost every estate sale held by the Grasons Co. estate sale service locations has a ton of jewelry to choose from.  

When you buy estate jewelry, you’re getting a piece that is both unique and was cherished by its original owner.  

The reasons jewelry is sold is often associated with a move, downsizing, or the death of a loved one, therefore the items are loved, but can no longer be kept by their original owner.

If you’re someone that’s passionate about jewelry finds, check out our upcoming estate sales and find a unique bargain you can call your own.

Send us a message on Facebook along with a picture of your favorite estate jewelry find, we’d love to see it.

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