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Amateur Vs Pro Estate Sale Process

The estate sale process can be simple or complicated based on experience. No one can easily imagine what it takes to hold a successful estate sale unless they’ve done it before.

Estate Sale Staging Process

Setting up an estate sale often called estate sale staging is an integral part of the estate sale process. Items sell well when they are properly placed in their natural environment. This comes naturally to an estate sale pro because they know what estate sale shoppers and clients expect.


Estate Sale Pricing

Many people decide to hold their own estate sale and not hire an estate sale professional, only to find themselves unsuccessful at achieving what an experienced estate sale company can. Pricing items in an estate sale is a tedious process that requires finesse.

The estate sale process when pricing items requires a good understanding of supply and demand. Grasons Co estate sale professionals are trained in all aspects of staging, researching, pricing, and staying ahead of the curve on selling the majority of items in the home at the highest value possible.

Estate Sale Selling

Nothing will sell if no one is there to pay for it. Strategic estate sale marketing and advertising is extremely important to ensure the word gets out to those looking for the exact items being sold.

Every estate sale location within the Grasons Co brand goes through a proprietary training program specifically relating to estate sale advertising and marketing.

Furthermore, and a part of our ongoing efforts as an estate sale brand to serve our community, continued education is offered by our headquarters which always keeps our individually owned and operated locations ahead of the curve on the latest advertising strategies.

The commitment we place in delivering successful estate sales involves many aspects, and details that have earned the title of #1 estate sale brand nationwide by clients and referring sources alike.

Estate Sale Process With a Pro

If you’re thinking of holding an estate sale and wondering whether you should do it yourself or rely on a Grasons estate sale pro, it’s important to know that there are many aspects of the process that you cannot leave to chance.

As estate sale professionals, our income is earned based on the amount you make at an estate sale. It’s in our, and our clients’ best interest to provide a hassle-free process that earns them the most money for the items they have in a home.

Visit our locations page to select a location near you, or contact us for an estate sale evaluation.

If you’ve always been interested in estate sales and want to learn more about our brand, and how you can own your own estate sale business, request a free brochure or contact us for available locations.

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