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Nationwide Estate Sales Making an Environmental Difference

As an estate sale company with over 20 active estate sales on a weekly basis, we know that we make a difference in people’s lives, but the estate sales are also making a positive impact on our environment.

The United States Environmental Protective Agency (EPA) promotes reducing waste, using less energy and saving money by simply recycling at home, work and neighborhoods.  The environmental impact is huge for our future and the future of our children.



In recent months, we’ve seen an increase and shift in the type of estate sale buyers frequenting our estate sales.  Generally the demographic for estate sale buyers ranges from 30 years old and over.  Lately, we’ve seen the younger generation “millennials” take a big interest in purchasing used items.

The increased interest comes from online education resources, and the younger generation doing their part in saving our environment.

By purchasing everyday items, clothing, kitchen appliances, and other household items, they’re not only recycling the items, but they are minimizing the amount of waste we must dispose of at the end of each sale.

Livescience reported that the U.S. dumps twice as much trash as the EPA originally estimated, making our landfills fill up on waste, and run out of room quickly.

At Grasons Co., we strive to make a difference in our community, and are glad to do our part in improving our environment.

We are fortunate to have a large following of buyers, and many of our clients’ items are sold long before the sale is over, leaving us with a minimal amount of waste.  Regardless, the less we trash the better for our clients, and our environment.

We are very excited to see the younger generation participate in recycling everyday items while saving money and we look forward to continue improving for our clients and our environment.

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