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How to prepare your home for an estate sale

Once you decide to hold an estate sale and choose the right estate sale company, it’s important to understand the steps that must be taken to prepare your home for an estate sale.

Any reputable estate sale company will urge you to keep sentimental items that have been in your family for decades, and also encourage you not to throw anything out.  What you might consider trash is someone else’s treasure.  If what you decide to keep is too large to move, the estate sale team will ask you to properly identify it in order for them to exclude it from the estate sale.  Besides this, you should sit back and let the company you hired do what they do best.

There are various buyers that frequent estate sales specifically searching for items they can refurbish and use.  The estate sale company’s job is to make your life easy and not expect you to do all the hard work yourself.  Part of staging your home for an estate sale includes finding, organizing and throwing out what is deemed to be unsaleable.

An estate sale professional team will go through every nook and cranny, pull out and sift through each item.  Their experience and knowledge comes into play during this process, knowing the difference between items that can be sold, cannot be sold due to liability reasons, tossed because they are damaged beyond repair, or is considered personal information to be set aside for you.

A successful sale occurs when items are properly placed in their intended areas, properly priced and labeled to eliminate any misunderstandings.  While you are in the midst of moving, downsizing or too far away to be involved in the estate sale process, the last thing you need is to organize, clean, setup or stage.  That’s what a professional estate sale company does and that’s what they are hired to do.

At the end of the estate sale, the company will follow your decision on what to do with any items remaining.  Keep, consign, donate or trash.

Your home is left empty without the burden on you to clear any remaining debris.

Quick notes on how to prepare your home:

  • Remove any sentimental items you’d like to keep
  • Identify the items you’d like to keep but cannot move right away
  • DO NOT throw anything out
  • Sit back and the let the professionals do what they do best

At Grasons Co. we love what we do because it’s much more than just an estate sale.

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