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Starting an Estate Sale Business

If you’ve considered starting an estate sale business where you can assist consumers in liquidating their assets via estate sales, there are some important key notes you might want to consider before moving forward.

Although there are thousands of estate sale companies throughout the United States, we at Grasons Co have sustained longevity, an excellent reputation, and a large following of both buyers, clients, and a nationally recognized brand among the referring sources.

Sure, you can start your own estate sale business and learn from experiences along the way, or you can capitalize on a brand and a following with proven systems by buying an established estate sale company franchise.

What makes a successful estate sale company?

  • Experience
  • Training
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Recognized Brand
  • Inter-industry connections with referral sources

It would take years to gain the knowledge, experience and referral sources if you’re starting an estate sale company from scratch.  A nationally recognized estate sale franchise gets your foot in the door with proven systems that you can use to achieve success from the start.

Mistakes and losses can cost thousands of dollars, not to mention the possibility of a bad reputation.  Having the tools, training and system in place to avoid those mistakes is priceless.

An estate sale company is much more than a liquidator that sells people’s items for commission.  Understanding the true definition of an estate sale business and how it serves the consumer in a professional manner is key to the success of any business, especially estate sale clients.

Once you’ve decided this is what you’d like to do, we invite you to rely on our experience and unwavering commitment to estate sale clients, learn more about the estate sale franchise brand and contact us for an in depth discussion about your goals and what you’d like to achieve by starting an estate sale company.

Dear Friends,

At Grasons Co, your safety has always been our top priority.  With the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, your health and welfare are of paramount importance to us as you shop any estate sale held by our individually owned and operated locations or utilize the many liquidation services we offer.  Read More

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