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The Best Time to Hold an Estate Sale is Now!

Contrary to what everyone thinks, the majority of estate sales are done when the homeowner is alive and well.  If professionally organized, one can quickly downsize and make a good profit in the process.


A lifetime of collecting can really fill up a home.  Most families live in an average 4 bedroom house, and after the children are grown up, and moved out, those rooms make a nice storage space for a lot of stuff.

Unintentionally we tend to keep everything, store it for later, until it becomes an overwhelming burden weighing us down.  The best time for an estate sale is now.

Most couples will downsize after the kids have moved out, and the home they are moving into is usually smaller.

First thought is “Let’s hold a big garage sale”, unfortunately the value you get in a garage sale doesn’t justify the effort, a lot of stuff is left over, and it becomes difficult to find an estate sale company to take on the project of selling left overs.

A downsizing estate sale is one of the best options to liquidate those personal assets and make the most money in the process.

Couple Enjoying A Game Of Golf


Another reason most people hold an estate sale while they’re alive is because they are retiring, and finally going to travel and enjoy the life they’ve been waiting for.

Leaving behind stuff, tends to drag you down, they want to travel without having to think about the baggage they left behind.

rv coupleA couple last year decided to sell their home and all their personal property to hit the road in their 40 foot RV.

The organized estate sale not only accomplished liquidating all their furniture and personal property, but it gave them a nice chunk of spending money for the road.  It made us smile when we received their thank you post card all the way from North Carolina.

Make no mistake, holding a professional estate sale will make a big difference in the bottom line when compared to selling items on your own.

Our company has performed over 500 sales, we have thousands of buyers that follow our sales, and we use advanced marketing strategies to advertise your estate sale.  All this insures your items will be sold and at the highest value possible.

Yes it’s a drastic decision to make, but it’s one that you must do in order to free yourself from the clutter.  If you’ve been meaning to get rid of stuff for years, or need a sensible approach to decluttering, you owe it to yourself to speak with one of estate sale specialists.

Grasons Co. is a national estate sale service company with multiple locations to serve you.  Our team prides itself on professional estate sale services with a personal touch.  Find an estate sale service location near you, or contact us for a free evaluation.

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At Grasons Co, your safety has always been our top priority.  With the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, your health and welfare are of paramount importance to us as you shop any estate sale held by our individually owned and operated locations or utilize the many liquidation services we offer.  Read More

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