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A former resident of Buenos Aires, Paris, Rome, London, and Madrid and fluent in several languages, Jorge Kamburis could live almost anywhere. Yet the longtime Huntington Beach resident is most at home in coastal Orange County not only because he knows it to be one of the most beautiful places in the world, but because he can put his international expertise and culturally sophisticated insight to great use for his real estate clients. He has worked with Sean Stanfield since 2001, demonstrating exceptional judgment and taste in successful staging and marketing for fast, high-dollar sales, and a knack for careful, clear, efficient communication and negotiation on behalf of buyers and sellers. The son of an Argentine diplomat, Jorge learned at a young age the timeless wisdom of going beyond language — he speaks French, Spanish, and English — and “using the heart” as a guide in business as well as friendship. This unique blend of passion, honesty, knowledge and commitment has proven to be of inestimable value to his clients.

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