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Business Liquidation Services

Business liquidations designed to bring awareness and visibility to help our local business owners, by maximzing the value of their assets sold.
Grasons Business Liquidations

Dissolving a Business?

Experience Rapid, Seamless Transactions

From managing credit card transactions to bringing our thousands of unique buyers, to overseeing cash payments, we make sure every transaction is accurately recorded, instilling trust in both sellers and buyers.

Avoid Public Auction Hassles

We manage all aspects of the sale – either onsite or online – utilizing our expansive buyer network and advanced marketing resources for optimal exposure.

This approach fosters a more structured setting, resulting in enhanced price attainment and reduced leftover items.

Liquidate Assets in a Single Transaction

We´ll consolidate the sale of your entire asset portfolio, ensuring maximum value retrieval and minimizing complexities. Our approach offers a straightforward, knowledgeable, and trustworthy experience.


Extensive Business Liquidation Support

Our comprehensive approach offers a simplified process and maximized returns.
Hold a Business Liquidation Sale
Set up the sale
Price all items
Advertise the sale to our large database of buyers
Conduct the sale over the course of one or more days
Get a categorized report of all items sold and corresponding prices
Business to business marketing

Our Business Liquidation Process

From the initial assessment to the final sale, our expert team provides comprehensive support, leveraging vast market insights ands a wide network of buyers.

Initial On-Site Consultation


Inventory Planning & Organization


Inventory Staging


Business to Business Targeted Marketing


Initial On-Site Consultation


Post-Sale Follow-Up


FAQs on Business Liquidation Services

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