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Welcome to Grasons of Central Phoenix, AZ, where community service and expertise meet. We are thrilled to bring estate sale and business liquidation services to your neighborhood serving Uptown, Midtown, Central City, and Foothill Acres. With over a decade of experience in risk management, gained from esteemed companies like Founder Shield and Marsh, and backed by my education from the University of Pennsylvania – Wharton School of Business, I bring a wealth of knowledge to our operations.

Embarking on this journey with Grasons marks an exciting new chapter in my career. Our mission is to provide compassionate and efficient estate sale services tailored to the unique needs of Central Phoenix residents. Guided by principles of diversity, inclusion, and advocacy, we aim to redefine the estate sale experience.

At Grasons of Central Phoenix, I’m joined by my mother, Marvenia, whose seasoned expertise in estate sales complements my strategic approach perfectly. Together, we offer a blend of insightful planning and heartfelt understanding, ensuring every client receives personalized attention and support. We look forward to serving, your family, and the diverse communities of Central Phoenix with integrity, compassion, and professionalism.

Rachel Jenkins, owner of Grasons of Central Phoenix and her mom, Marvie.
Our Track Record

Proven Excellence, Trusted Provider in Central Phoenix, AZ, and The Nearby Areas.

Our dedication to our customers, commitment, proper planning and organization has helped us earn the title of the #1 Estate Sale company of choice 5 years in a row.
Our philosophy

What others Consider Extra, We Consider Standard

Trust our team to guide you and organize the sale from start to finish.
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Strict safety protocols with clear labeling and closure of hazardous areas
Full insurance and bonding coverage during our presence in your home
Thorough online marketing for successful item sales
Skilled and trusted staff assigned to each room with dedicated responsibilities
Comprehensive equipment provision, including tables, tags, and other items needed to conduct a sale
Thorough evaluation of all items, even those in hidden areas
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