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Holding an Estate Sale?

Ensure Quick and Easy Transactions

From processing credit cards to handling cash, we ensure that every payment is accounted for, giving both the seller and the buyer confidence in the transaction. 

Sell All Assets at Once

Instead of piecemeal sales or multiple listings, we create a comprehensive sales strategy that caters to a diverse audience and gives every item the attention it deserves. 

Avoid the Expense of a Public Auction

We handle everything on-site or online, leveraging our vast network of buyers and marketing tools to ensure maximum visibility. The benefits include a controlled environment, better price realization and fewer unsold items. 


Estate Sale Solutions

Our estate sale process prioritizes transparency, ensuring efficiency and optimal returns.
Hold an Estate Sale
Set up your home or business location for sale
Price all items
Advertise the sale to our nationwide database of buyers
Conduct the sale over the course of one or more days
Get a categorized report of all items sold and corresponding prices
Fixing home staging for estate sale

Our Estate Sale Process

Our team organizes, stages, and presents estate items, ensuring each piece is highlighted and handled with utmost care for optimal results.

Initial On-Site Consultation


Inventory Planning & Organization


Inventory Staging


Business to Consumer Targeted Marketing


On-Site Day of Sale Management


Post-Sale Follow-Up


FAQs About Estate Sales Services

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