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Estate Consignment Services by Grasons Co.

Estate Consignment Services can be a standalone service or combined with estate sale services. When there are not enough items to hold an estate sale, many sellers choose estate consignment.

Estate consignment services are an added value we at Grasons Co. provide to our sellers and homeowners. Although most items are sold during our estate sales, the option is welcomed for many homeowners that choose to consign any remaining items rather than give them away.

Our Estate Consignment services go beyond just placing your item in our consignment shop or online and hope it sells. Grasons Co. has a large following of collectors and consumers that look for specific items, our marketing and selling strategies include selling your item online to direct buyers all over the world.

There are various reasons our clients may choose our estate consignment services, here are the most common reasons:

  • The items are not stored in a home but rather in storage
  • The home is not deemed safe to hold an on-location estate sale due to construction, damage, safety or liability
  • The home is located in a homeowner’s association that does not allow traffic and on-site estate sales
  • There’s not enough time to hold an estate sale (the home sold and must be emptied within a short period of time)

Although these reasons do not come up often, Grasons Co.’s clients appreciate having the option and the added service to our existing estate sale services.

Our focus is to provide our sellers and buyers a successful, safe and enjoyable transaction.  Our added services are there to insure we have the options available to anyone that require it.

Although Grasons Co. operates various locations of estate sale companies, we all follow the same strategies, rules and work ethics when it comes to estate sales, consignment and overall quality.

We ask you to rely on our professional local estate sale companies for all your estate sale services or estate consignment needs.

Dear Friends,

At Grasons Co, your safety has always been our top priority.  With the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, your health and welfare are of paramount importance to us as you shop any estate sale held by our individually owned and operated locations or utilize the many liquidation services we offer.  Read More

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