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Should I sell or keep Family Heirlooms?

Our estate sale clients ask themselves this question before every estate sale.  Selling or keeping family heirlooms is a difficult decision to make, we hope this article will help you get more information.

Sentimental Family Heirlooms

Items of sentimental value handed down for generations are generally kept by a family member.  The difficult decision to sell or keep these items is filled with emotional attachment and memories.

If you’re able to keep sentimental pieces, it’s best to do so, you don’t want to have regrets after an estate sale.

What’s Considered an Estate Heirloom?

  • Hand Made Quilts
  • Fine Paintings
  • Fine Jewelry (wedding rings, etc.)
  • Military Items
  • Furniture and more…

A list of questions to ask yourself

  • Is this item of sentimental value?
  • Do I have room to keep this item?
  • Will I use this item or will someone else in my family have use for it?

The guilt of tossing or selling items can be overwhelming, but there are some instances where your decision is made easier.

That large living room set might hold a lot of memories, but you may already have a home filled with furniture, possibly across another state and have no room to keep it.

Financial burdens may require you to sacrifice memorable personal items in order to transition or sell the home.

Don’t Throw Anything Away Before an Estate Sale

Whatever you decision is on particular items, our estate sale company advises all clients to not throw anything away before it’s evaluated.

You may not be aware of the value of an item you’re tossing away; our professionals will evaluate and assist you to make an informed decision.

With every estate sale held by Grasons Co. estate services, our goal is to sell your items at the highest value possible, therefore we’d like to see everything you’re not keeping before you toss it away.

As to keeping items for yourself, if it’s sentimental and you have room to keep it, we always recommend that you do so.

Our professional estate sale services are focused on compassion, and quality.  Our goal is to provide you with a successful estate sale.  With over 500 Nationwide estate sales performed, our locations are experienced, and follow strict guidelines with an emphasis on continued education.

Find an estate sale location near you, or give us a call for a complimentary estate sale evaluation.

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