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Shop Sustainably – Shopping Estate Sales


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Estate sale shopping is a great way to shop sustainably because you can purchase secondhand products. Additionally, if you know your sizes and you buy high-quality materials, then you are helping the environment in more ways than one! Now more than ever, people are more conscious of sustainable shopping habits, and by shopping estate sales, you are taking a step in the right direction to avoid wasteful habits. Here are a few tips for shopping estate sales.

Secondhand Products 

If you can purchase secondhand products, this is a fantastic measure to take to shop sustainably. Secondhand products can range from furniture to clothes, and an estate sale is a great first place to look! Not only does purchasing secondhand products help the environment, but it also saves you money in the long run!

Often, once we have used up a product, we dispose of it and it is never seen or used again. When you buy secondhand at an estate sale, you are repurposing the products you buy. This cuts away from wasting items that can be used over again. Did you know that shopping secondhand is also a way to shop for unique items? At an estate sale, you can find one-of-a-kind pieces of superior quality.


Know What Fits 

Have you ever gone to a store and found a piece of clothing you want, but you are unsure of your size? You might not realize it at first, but often if you do not know what size clothing you wear, you resort to guessing. When you finally go home and try the product on, you might find that it does not fit right and then it is thrown away. If you generally know what sizes fit you best, you have a better chance of keeping the product you purchase and not allowing it to go to waste. This is a sustainable measure everyone can take to help the environment.

Buy High-Quality 

It might sound more expensive to buy high-quality clothing, but this is not necessarily true in the long run! When consumers purchase high-quality materials, they are likely to be able to use the product longer because it does not break down as fast. This saves money in the long run because new items do not constantly have to be purchased. What’s even better? Shopping for high quality is a step in sustainable practices.

Fibers Matter 

Polyester can be hard to steer clear of given its popularity in many different articles of clothing. However, supplying polyester made from post-consumer products is beneficial. A few other environmentally friendly fabric alternatives include tencel, silk, hemp, linen, and more. Why do fibers matter, you might wonder? Sustainable materials ensure the environment is not disrupted and purchasing eco-friendly fibers is more beneficial than you might think.

Vintage shopping at an estate sale can be a fun and exciting experience for anyone interested in purchasing opportunities. There are a few ways to shop estate sales sustainably that include: being mindful of fibers, buying high quality, knowing your sizes, and purchasing secondhand. Shop sustainably and learn more about us today!